An Allegory

While spending time with God, the following flowed into my mind and out of my pen:

You exceed my understanding completely and transcend even the best image I can form of what I think GOOD is. You are faithful when I am horing around, You still Love me even while I am stabbing You in the back. Your Love does not stop or end, but it keeps on pursuing. Like no one can outrun Light photons, no One can outrun Your Presence.

Your Love stays constant but my ability to perceive and absorb Your Love grows. As it grows, more of Your Love can penetrate my Heart and Mind. It soothes the pain. It melts the anger. It calms the storms inside.

Next it starts permeating the soil. Nourishing it with Heaven’s rain and enables the dead and barren ground to become fruitful once more. In the streams of Love pouring from Your Heart, there is Your Son, Your Word. Your Word is like seed. Each piece of the Word is like a unique species of spiritual flora.

New Life

When the Word finds it’s place in the love-entrenched soil of the soul, which the Spirit has been preparing from the beginning of time, it germinates. The seeds are small, as a mustard seed and thus the sprout is almost invisible to the naked eye.

In the presence of these streams of Living Water and Light from the Father of Lights, it can grow quick. Initially growing a few inches taller, then to the height of a table, then as tall as a person and then a few meters high, wondrously increasing in height, breadth and thickness above the ground. Below the ground the trees grow to unseen depths, which keep them anchored forever.


When the spring season comes, the blossoms sprout and trees are covered in beautiful colors of magenta, orange, red, pink and blue sapphires. Many people smell the sweet fragrance from the soul that these blossoms fill the atmosphere with. The colour, joy and new life emanating from these trees draw people to them.

The blossoms then start changing to produce a small green fruit. As the Father’s Light shines on them, the tree keeps drinking from the everlasting Water and the Spirit breathing over it daily, the fruits grow to large, juicy, succulent and satisfying food. These trees have huge branches with their thick bushy leaves which creates a cool shelter and safety for others. The fruit feeds the many gathering under it. It gives it’s fruit freely and in every fruit there are many seeds that the eater can choose to plant into their own lives.


With the autumn season approaching the trees’ leaves change colour and it is an amazing display of yellow brimstone, orange sunsets and red fire strokes all around. Slowly the leaves start falling to the ground. The tree starts losing its beauty and shows its naked branches to all. This exposes all the bends and breaks which where previously covered by the thick garment of leaves.

Since there is very little beauty left with only branches and dead leaves, people start walking away. The tree now looks like an old, morbid, joyless and timid version of it’s former self. Nobody came back for nourishment and the rejection felt by the Soul was very real. The dead leaves on the ground then starts rotting and the smell deters even more people. Till no other human is left even though the tree gave it’s fruit to others so freely and with so much love. The soul could easily feel rejection, but the soul knows that One has never left it.

Jesus remains in the soul, always. As the Husbandman He stays and starts cutting the branches of the trees. The trees losing all these branches and leaves, looks even smaller. Looking like it has lost so much. The dead branches and leaves decomposes and gives nourishment back into the soil of the soul and the Husbandman makes sure the compost is re-distributed correctly with the right ratio of water. This nourishment, Living Water, Warm Light and dynamic Breath from God leads to the tree still growing in the Winter. This growth is what gives the tree the thick rings in it’s stomp which enables the tree to grow high and strong. These dense rings also gives the tree the strength to carry all the leaves and fruit in the summer.

With spring coming back into season, the tree grows exponentially in the right direction because of good pruning. The tree grows even taller and bears more fruit in this Summer Season. Every year, this cycle repeats and every year, the trees become closer to being the shape that the Creator had in mind from before time began. Each year this Soul is able to feed more and bring more brothers and sisters running back into their Abba’s arms. It is only because the seeds are from God, grown by God and given by God to feed the poor in spirit.

So the Garden in the soul grows with more and more beauty every year until it becomes like the Garden of Eden once more. The Word that the Lord sends out will never return empty back to Him.


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