Night may be sorrowful, but in the Morning there is JOY!

I have realized I have not posted a blog in a very long time. Phew, a lot has happened after my previous morbid post. The main idea behind this post is the heading: Even though there may be many crying and despair in the night, in die darkness and cold, the morning is always coming and when the sun rises, it brings with it Light, warms and hopeful expectations. The evil monsters around you turn into the little shadows they actually always were. The morning brings joy, so much of it, but just before the morning begins, there is often times much sorrow.

I have been praying for those people in my life and yes, the battle for my own sanity was quite intense, but just because I tried to fight the battle in my own capacity. After my previous post, I spent some time with God. I worshiped, talked, listened and just hanged out with Him. Then the sun started to rise again. My eyes opened up again and I could see. In short here are some people I prayed for and what happened in their lives. I am not taking any credit, all glory is to God, the One who hears my prayers and actively works in the lives of all around me, but from my perspective, mostly in me :-). Real people, real stories that I have witnessed myself:

  • My aunt: After struggling with years of depression, gaining like 30 kg in weight, cannot stay awake even in mid conversations falling asleep, going to every doctor and even pseudo scientific doctors, no one could help. Her life suddenly made a 180 (suddenly = miracle from God in my eyes). She lost 20 kg already, got a great new job, is positive again and became who she was once before. In her own words, she says God has changed her life again.
  • My father (whom is an alcoholic) was also in disbelief that Jesus actually were on Earth. He was once a great believer. The enemy has stolen his faith through clever deception. God worked in his heart and he read a book from Lee Strobel which I bought him. I also kept praying. After this, God opened his eyes and he reconnected with Father. He stopped drinking and started going to church again. My father is now again the father that I love so much.
  • My brother had an encounter with prayer which shook him and made him realize that God actually does listen. He was in complete disbelief that his prayers were answered, because for it to have been answered, it required a miracle, but at least my God specializes in miracles.
  • My work colleagues, every single one of the five, has experience a change in attitude, direction and a passion for life has come into them which was lacking before.
  • Lumen has reduced his ‘spook’ intake significantly, he is going to church more often and the tattoo he got on his arm represents the Father’s Wings protecting him. Psalm 91 in short. My attraction towards him has improved and God has worked great things in me to reduce my reactions towards Lumen.
  • My sister who believed that she will fail maths in high school, always being her worst subject at around 50-60% has now turned around and got a distinction for it with 83% average! Moving in the opposite direction she expected and all the other kids at school is doing. All this within about 6 months!
  • My grandma whom suffered from mental instability, has regained stability. She was always the one needing help, but now she is the one helping others. She also thanks God for the change He brought into her life.
  • My very close university friend who was in a really bad place after losing almost every single drop of self confidence and life essence because of a long term emotionally abusing relationship made a 180 in less than 6 months. She used to believe that her life is meaningless and she will never amount to anything. Now there is a fire in her soul that cannot be quenched. She has even reached the finalists stage in a very selective entrepreneurship competition. Which comprised of the future’s most innovative and leading entrepreneurs in my country! The change in her life is a change most people never achieve in their lifetimes, yet, this change took place in less than 6 months. For me, it is a miracle, God’s fingerprints are all over it. He surely is the culprit of this magnificent change.
  • Lastly, but surely not least, me: I cry a lot. I cry not because of sadness, but because of joy. Because of being humbled by the amazing things I see in these people and my own life. I am humbled to think that I am given the ability to see His Hands  at work. I am humbled to think that this Amazing, Unimaginable, Unlimited Powerful, outside of time Being, comes down into my life, listens to my heart’s cries and then walks with me every moment!!! Is that not the most precious gift in all of earth and all of eternity? It feels like I am dreaming. I am willingly trying to walk as He guides me. Every moment is an adventure for me, but the best of all, is that this is just the start. I have eternity waiting for me where I will see and live face to face with this Lover of my soul.

As you can read from the list (which is not even everyone), prayer works. It works because we have a loving Father, who is always listening and very actively involved in the lives of everyone. Your believes about Him, does not affect His Love towards you, but it surely affects your ability to be aware of His Love and to receive it. But don’t despair, He is actively chasing and fighting down those believes, more than you could ever do. I have seen it in every person listed above, but firstly in my own life.

I am at a point in my life where, if I would die now, I would be happy. I would be more than happy, actually ecstatic, because I am going Home. BUT if I were to live to see another day, there is so much Joy and Love inside me that it has created this excitement in me to see where Jesus will change the bitter into sweet again, the darkness into light and the night into morning. I believe this is living in the Kingdom of God already. Oh, what a beautiful and eternally transforming gift it is. Thank YOU JESUS.



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