Sleeping at last – Light

This is the second blog on the music of ‘Sleeping at Last’ that I am writing. The first one revealed a deeper meaning to me than I expected and I could see a master piece at the end. It also revealed that the song is telling a progressive story and I have a hunch that most of his songs tell a progressive story. A story that is unseen if you are not highly sensitive to the lyrics. This song (Light), for me, can be seen out of two viewpoints. The first being a father writing a song to his unborn child. The second being God, as the Father, singing a song over me, His child. For me the lyrics does not fit just one of those perspectives completely, so I believe that the song’s meaning is for us to draw the parallel between an earthly father and the Heavenly Father and His love and plans for us. For we can only understand the Father better, once we are fathers ourselves and experience the unconditional love that we have for our children. So, here it goes, my interpretation of this song:

May these words be the first
To find your ears.

He is singing before this person is born. It is almost like a lullaby to an unborn child. He wishes that these be the first words, so that it may set the theme of the child’s life. He says, to ‘find’ your ears. This is suggestive to a searching process. That the child has to search for it, or be fortunate enough to hear these words. If this was a natural father, he could just sing this to his child when the child is born, but the word ‘May’ tells us there is a chance that the child may not hear this as this as the first words.
The world is brighter than the sun
Now that you’re here.

This implies that he was looking forward to the day that that the child will be here and now the child IS here. The world is brighter, implies that there is a darkness in the world, but this child can brighten the darkness. The child can be ‘brighter’ than the sun. This implies that the natural sun’s light can be out shown by the light from this child. This can only be speaking of a metaphorical light. A light that gives metaphysical life, more than the sun’s light can give physical life.
Though your eyes will need some time to adjust
To the overwhelming light surrounding us,

The child will not be able to see in the beginning. This implies that the child will need some time, will need to grow. He is also referring to an ‘us’ now. This could refer to a natural father and mother, but why would there be ‘an overwhelming light surrounding’ parents? This makes more sense to me that it is referring to God in three persons. God is initially surrounded by such light, that we cannot understand Him. It seems blinding to us, as if we cannot know Him. We cannot see Him, until our eyes have adjusted.

I’ll give you everything I have.
I’ll teach you everything I know.

This is the Holy Spirit speaking for me. The Spirit says that He will give the child everything He has and that He will teach the child everything He knows. For me, this is the invitation that God gives us through love. Saying that He will supply all our needs and He will teach us the way to go, so that we do not perish. The psalms sing about this many times.
I promise I’ll do better.

In earthly terms, this could represent the father saying he will give the child a better life than what he had. This is often the case with fathers. They will sacrifice their lives to ensure that their children had a better life that they had while growing up. When our great Father ‘promises to do better’, He is comparing His Actions and Plans to something else. My perception is that He is comparing it to the world’s way, saying:

“I promise I will do better than the world. I will not let you be unloved, as the world will surely make you feel unloved.”
I will always hold you close,
But I will learn to let you go.

God is saying that He will always be close to you. He will never leave you or forsake you. In the second line, He also makes us aware that it remains our choice. If we decide to walk away, He will learn to let us go. He will not force us into something that we do not want to be a part of.
I promise I’ll do better.

He will do better, since He will never let you go, where the world can easily throw you on the streets. He will never force you into something that you don’t want, but the world will use manipulation and power to control and force you into many things you can’t walk away from.
I will soften every edge,

He will go before us and make our paths straight. He will guide us in every decision.

I’ll hold the world to its best,

He will give you the best that life has to offer. He will make sure your life is not just full, but overflowing.
And I’ll do better.

It will be better than the world, but it will be different to the world. The world does not see the fruits of God, as treasures, but settles for the materialistic decoy that the world supplies them. God will not do that, He will do better.
With every heartbeat I have left
I will defend your every breath,


As long as God is living, which is eternity, He will protect us. He defends us. We need defending from the evil one who is always accusing us and bringing our sins to remembrance. Since He Died for us, He has taken these sins away and defends us against the evil one. Enabling us to breath, to live again. This is how He will do better than the one in the world…
And I’ll do better.
’Сause you are loved.
You are loved more than you know.

Repeating the words, you are loved, emphasizes the love that He has for us. He even says that we do not know how much He loves us. It is an incomprehensible Love. This Love is there always since it is written in past tense (you are loved), requiring no action from the child.
I hereby pledge all of my days
To prove it so.

For as long as the Father lives (which is eternity), He has promised to keep on pursuing us with love. Not just to follow us, but to PROVE to us, that we are loved. He will keep on proving to us, that He loves us with a LOVE greater than our minds can comprehend. This inherently implies that we do not believe it, since it will need to be proven. For me, it is linked to our fallen nature to distrust God and believe that He does not love us, but He will keep on proving His Love for us.
Though your heart is far too young to realize
The unimaginable light you hold inside,


The child is here now and has started seeing, since the child has a heart and can imagine. But, He tells the child that the child is far too young. In comparison to God, we are all still babies. Our hearts cannot comprehend what the earth has seen. Even at 100 years old, the earth has soon at least 6 000 years of the human race. That is 60 times greater than we can even understand. God is even more ancient (Universe is like 2.5 billion years old). He then expands saying that there is an ‘Unimaginable’ light inside of us. This could refer to Jesus saying that no ear has heard nor eye have seen nor idea come up in the heart of man, that can tell man about the Kingdom of Heaven. I believe He is saying that there is MUCH MUCH more to us, on the inside, than we can even imagine on earth. We imagined super heroes in sci-fi books, but this is even greater than that, because we cannot imagine what He has planned.


I’ll give you everything I have.
I’ll teach you everything I know.
I promise I’ll do better.
I will always hold you close,
But I will learn to let you go.
I promise I’ll do better.

Chorus reminding us that He has a better plan. He will never leave us, but will also never force us, even if that means He must let us go for a while, like Prodigal Son.
I will rearrange the stars,
Pull ‘em down to where you are.

Only God can pull down the stars. The stars shine light and this could be referring to a goal/desire/vision that this person has in life. God will make sure that this person/us will obtain the stars we are searching, as long as they are stars. Stars – Light and not darkness.

He then just reaffirms that He will do better than the world. He will never stop defending us, He will make our paths straight for eternity:
I promise, I’ll do better.
With every heartbeat I have left,
I’ll defend your every breath.
I promise I’ll do better.
I will soften every edge,
Hold the world to its best.
I promise I’ll do better.
With every heartbeat I have left,
I’ll defend your every breath,
(I’ll do better.)

This reveals to us why He wishes this to be the first words that a child hears. These words will comfort the child, in knowing that he/she has an Eternal Father that will never leave them or control them, that will teach them all things and more than anything, prove His Love to them over and over, never getting tired of pursuing them. It ends by saying:

I’ll do better. Not I promise to do better. This implies that it is a fact that His Ways are better and He WILL keep his promises.

This is my interpretation and as the previous entree, may be completely opposite of what the writer had in mind, but this is the Golden Thread I see in the song and gives me so much meaning.


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